Washington: Marijuana Worker Protection Standards Released by Agriculture Department

Washington Marijuana

Original Source : Marjiuana.com By Allie Becketton February 26, 2016Growing & Cultivation, Marijuana News, Washington As legal cannabis business grows larger, states are realizing standards need to be set. In the latest step toward standardizing cannabis cultivation, the Washington State Department of Agriculture released formal recommendations called the “Worker Protection

10 Top-Rated States for Medical Marijuana


By Chris Morris, CNBC Newson February 19, 2016 While it’s still controversial, medical marijuana is edging toward normality. Forty states (and the District of Columbia) now have some form of law on the books that allow the drug to be used for a variety of ailments, and sales are soaring—

Federal Bill Would Prevent College Kids With Drug Convictions From Losing Financial Aid


A group of bipartisan lawmakers emerged this week with a piece of legislation intended to repeal the law that has crippled so many students from furthering their education because a drug offense disqualified them from financial aid.

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