CBD Capsules Extra Strength

by ireadculture | February 5, 2016

Available at The Center for Palliative Care (CPC) in Seattle.

With such a powerful medicine, in such a small size, it’s always helpful to have as much information as possible concerning cannabis capsules. The CPC provides just that. The four 100mg capsules came with an attractively designed and highly educational little fold out. Dosage, directions, recommendations and even a handy little terpene chart. Following the directions, we took one capsule each on empty stomachs, with a tiny bit of nut butter. After waiting the recommended 60-90 minutes, the impact was evident enough that everyone was happy with the one 100mg dose. These Extra Strength CBD Capsules provided relaxation and pain relief, without any of the brain fog that can be present with high THC cannabis products. This would be the perfect product for long term management of any number of painful ailments.

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