THC Muscle Relief


This CBD Oil also has THC for muscle relief!

Muscle Relief, THC Style

If Dancing with the Stars Newest addition, Tommy Chong, is in need of some joint relief from his newly found cha cha skills, we suggest using a new THC-infused lotion, invented by a Denver-based company known as Dixie Elixirs.   With the Colorado cannabis start-up scene exploding with new talent, Dixie has recently become a major player in the cannabis-infused edibles and lotions arena. Each four-ounce bottle of this THC Muscle Relief Lotion contains 100mg of active THC.  The company says the lotion is non-psychoactive, but it still provides relief from conditions like arthritis and sore muscles.

So how does this product work exactly?  Well, word on the street is that this lotion contains a high amount of Cannabidiol (CBD).  Hemp oil is one of nature’s most potent healing ointments (thanks to Cannabidiol, one of its main ingredients). Also, hemp oil deeply nourishes your skin cells, reduces inflammation, and helps rejuvenate a youthful feel to your skin.  You’ll feel amazed at how fast your skin and muscles can heal with the right plant nutrients and essential oils.

For now, the Muscle Relief Lotion is only available in Colorado and California, however, medical dispensaries in other states may have similar products. So, if you are not one of the fortunate ones to be living in Colorado and your joints hurt, feel free to take our  advice:  dim the lights, light some romantic candles, draw a hot steamy bath, light a bowl, and get a massage.

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