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Aneta Kowal at The Nug

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Here is Aneta’s profile on Wikipedia:

Aneta Kowal (born November 28, 1991) is an American model.

Kowal lives in Detroit and is studying pre-medical studies at Oakland University in Oakland County. In July 2013, Kowal won Playboy’s Miss Social contest.[1] She has been Miss Michigan Hooters 2012 and has been part of the reality TV-show Hooters 2012 International Swimsuit Pageant that accompanied the final competition.[2] Kowal has also been Miss Michigan Hooters 2014. In the Swimsuit Edition vol. 6 of 2012 she has been the centrerfold girl in the magazine SnapMatter.[3] Furthermore Kowal has been the cover model of the newcomer magazine Nine5Four in Issue 51.[4] On 9 December 2013 Kowal has been the Fox-y Lady of the day of Fox Sports.[5]Moreover she has also been for several times on in Maxim’s sack.

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