Check Out The DaVinci Ascent


DaVinci is one of the first original handheld vaporizer companies and they are standing strong into this decade with the most advanced vaporizer on the market, the Ascent. The name DaVinci Vaporizers is known all over, even to nonsmokers.  It is lightweight yet sturdy, compact, and discreet for the vape connoisseurs are on-the-go.

The Ascent features precision temperature controls, a state of the art heating methods and a 3-hour battery life. It was carefully designed with the vaping enthusiast in mind.  The Ascent also supports both flower and oil mediums with a digital readout that is simple to operate.   The Ascent has an all glass mouthpiece which ensures a full, rich flavor that is easy to clean and sanitize if needed.

One unique aspect of the Ascent line is that you can customize the skin of the Ascent with a number of colors and designs.  The kind people at DaVinci gave us a model with the wood grain skin, which we say is a very sophisticated look that would look great for either a man or a woman.  You can see dozens of more skins online.

The first thing one notices about the Ascent is the ease with which you can load your favorite medium.  The bottom hinges out to reveal an all ceramic bowl with a recess that catches stray flower easily.  This hinge design allows for no unnecessary extra parts that could get lost like many other comparable vaporizers.

The second feature that one would notice is its glass mouthpiece that slides into the unit when not in use. The glass tube is easy to draw and fits ergonomically with the rest of the mouthpiece, nor does it get hot during prolonged use.  Using glass in their design is a rare feature among portable vaporizers, some would say superfluous, but DaVinci’s pillars are purity, innovation, and control, all those traits shine in the Ascent.

The variable temperature controls can reach from the 275 degrees to a little over 400 degrees making the perfect vape achievable for whoever uses it.  It also boasts a 4 OLED programmable modes that can help vaping on the go. Heat up is fast and you do not feel the heat through the unit into your hand.

The Ascent comes with a spare glass mouthpiece, oil medium tanks, screens, a poker tool and a wall charger, all carefully packaged in a secure box.  You can get your own Ascent for $200, which to us is reasonable from a company as dependable as DaVinci, at DaVinci