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Is The Herbalizer Currently The World’s Best Vape?

The Herbalizer takes the reins as the new standard for desktop vaporizers, with an impressive seteatures thaare unprecedented in the vaping world.

The Herbalizer unit is a simple, super quiet design that can host a whip, and bags (comes with 4 bags) with precise digital buttons, along with an easy to read color LCD screen. Another feature the Herbalizer boasts is a sophisticated essential oil function that reaches the proper temperature to vaporize many types of therapeutic tinctures, unlike most who claim to do, but fall short. The pill shaped unit has a storage cubby at the top of the unit that comes with an herb container, a shredder, cleaning brush, and two steel oil pads.  

When it comes to quality, the Herbalizer is basically medical grade.  The unit was developed by two former NASA engineers with the backing of over a million dollars in R&D, and it shows as each unit is built to the highest standard and tested for durability.

While all of those are great features, we haven’t actually covered the most impressive part of this vaporizer yet.  The Herbalizer has a unparalleled prep time of just under 30 seconds, which means an almost instantaneous start up. The secret to the Herbalizer’s speed is a unique design that uses an ultraviolet bulb to reach temperature.

So we’ve discussed that the Herbalizer comes with both whips and bags, depending on how you like to smoke, but one thing it doesn’t have is glass.  Well, until now that is.  Herbalizer just announced that they are coming out with a new glass attachment, and staying true to the Herbalizer brand, it is sleek and sophisiticated.

The Herbalizer retails at $599, which seems a bit expensive but is really just a great investment. Their tagline is “Relief by Design”, and we couldn’t agree more. Their design is the last word in vaporizing, and you need to pick up the Herbalizer today.


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