Check Out The Whizzinator

Whizzinator 2

In 2016 for those of you whom the man is trying to hold down, look no further, your prayers have been answered by the Whizzinator.

What if I told you that you could live your life on your terms and toke up whenever you felt like it, would you believe it? Don’t just take my word for it, there are plenty of happy and successful users out there who know first hand how and can attest to this amazing feat of technology.  Introducing, The Whizzinator, for all your synthetic urine needs, brought to you by Alternative Lifestyle Systems.

There is a Whizzinator product for girls and boys of all races. On their website, you can buy everything from heating pads to refills of synthetic urine, but what really sets this company apart from others in the market is the ease of use and the realistic devices.  The Whizzinator has you covered, and they have thought of everything you will need to deliver toxin free synthetic urine.  Heating pads come standard in their kits, because in case you didn’t know, making sure your fake urine is the same temperature as your body is an important step to keep your urine as realistic as possible.

The original unisex Whizz Kit would be perfect for females, and it comes with over 3oz of premixed synthetic urine, two heating pads, an easy to read temperature strip, a detachable elastic belt and a 60 ml syringe.  If you’re a man and looking for the ultimate urine kit, look no further than the Whizzinator Touch.  This bad boy is the most realistic prosthetic in the market, and comes in 5 different colors sure to work for your skin tone.  This kit comes with 4 heat pads, 1 vial of synthetic urine, syringe and instructions on how to use this super realistic fake penis.

When it comes to your future, selecting a synthetic and/or prosthetic device should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, you are always in good hands with any whizzinator product.  They also offer overnight shipping in discreet packaging, excellent customer support and all products are backed by a quality guarantee.