Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division Just Created Some Major Tech Security Issues

Image Credit:  Ciklum

Image Credit: Ciklum

Recently the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado revamped their website. So what is the big deal? A lot of places update their website from time to time.

Well this website revamp included releasing information surrounding the marijuana related licenses that have been applied for and/or issued within the state. This information includes addresses, full names, business names and more. This is their attempt to be more transparent with this information and to make it public record.

Now, this would be completely alright if only the business in the cannabis industry were able to operate the same as businesses in other industries. Without the access to banking, making this information publically accessible opens up the floor for a lot of questions regarding what security issues this could bring up.

If you have someone’s first and last name, you can find out just about anything you want to about them on the internet these days. Many business owners must keep cash at their residences as they are not able to deposit it into a bank, this raises a lot of concern for the safety of business owners and their families. For those who are licenses to grow cannabis, it raises security issues at their cultivation facilities as well. Do you think it was right for this information to be made public?

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