How Much Do You Pay For Weed Compared To The Rest Of The Country?


What does weed prices compare across the board

The Price of Weed Comparison:

Much like gas and housing, the price of bud can vary pretty extensively depending on where you live in the country.  Have you ever wondered how your state stacks up against the rest of the country with regards to your price per ounce?  Well, none other than Forbes has your answer.

Forbes, in conjunction with, have compiled a list ranking the cheapest to most expensive weed in the country. is a website that users can anonymously submit data to regarding how much they pay for marijuana, whether it be legally or, well, through other avenues.

If you are lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana is recreationally legal, you are also lucky to have access to the cheapest weed.  That’s right, you can not only buy your weed without the fear of impeding persecution, but you also are saving some green as well.

The Numbers

The national average cost of an ounce of marijuana is $324.  In Oregon, the cheapest place to buy grass, an ounce of high quality bud goes for $204.  Take a moment to think about all of the things you could buy with that extra $120.  Like, you know, more ganja.

Now that you’ve gotten over your jealousy-fueled hatred of Oregonians (we hope), you may be wondering where the most expensive kush is found.  Is it California?  New York?  Nope.

The most expensive weed in the country is found in North Dakota (you forgot about them, didn’t you?).  Yes, North Dakota, home to Fargo and rugged masculinity, also houses the country’s most expensive pot, coming in at $387 per ounce.

And, in case you’re still wondering where you stack up against the rest of the nation.   Forbes has provided this map that will let you instantly compare.

forbes cost of weed