What Is Croptober?

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

If you have ever lived in northern California you definitely know how special the month of October is to marijuana farmers. If you’ve never lived in northern California, the month of October is affectionately referred to “Croptober.” It was named that because, on average, that’s the month that the full-term outdoor plants begin to ripen and harvest is right around the corner.

KRCR TV reported that this past weekend multiple people were caught driving down Route 1 with large amounts of marijuana. First was a 36-year-old gentleman who was stopped during a routine traffic stop when the officer smelled a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. After searching the vehicle authorities found 10 lbs of processed marijuana, and also evidence of intent to sell the marijuana.

The second stop of the day was a bit more bountiful for the police, when 3 men were stopped during another routine traffic stop, that same smell of very potent marijuana lingering in the vehicle gave the police a reason to search the vehicle. Upon further investigation Drug Task Force agents found 91 lbs of marijuana in the vehicle, along with a concealed handgun that was found on one of the men.
So it kinda seems like everyone at this point has already heard of “Croptober” and the police know how important it is to monitor certain traveling routes during this time. Even though you are allowed to grow a certain amount of marijuana in California it is still very hard to move or transport your harvest without breaking any laws.

This has become an open market for companies moving out west to get a piece of the green rush. In Colorado there is already companies that will safely transport your harvest. We wish the best of luck to everyone risking their freedom to fight the good fight and get medicine into the hands of the patients that need it most. Keep on keepin’ on.

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