Da Vinci Ascent Review

Full Review:  The ascent is the latest portable vaporizer made by Da Vinci.  It comes in a variety of colors and styles which can be mixed and matched on their website.  The first thing you will notice when you open the box is how heavy the vaporizer is.  For a portable vaporizer it is incredibly well built but with that comes quite a bit of weight.  Underneath the vape is all the accessories which include:  a carrying bag, 2 oil jars, a wall charger and an extra mouthpiece / air chamber.

The herb chamber is located at the top of the unit and flips open to the side.  While the chamber is decently sized it only accounts for a small portion of the total unit.  This is the same location where you insert your glass oil / concentrate jars.  To turn the Ascent on, you push the button on the bottom of the vaporizer, near the glass mouthpiece, and hold for a couple seconds.  On the front of the Ascent there are 3 buttons which control the temperature and more advanced settings.  For dry herbs we set the temperature at 375° and for concentrate we set it at 410°.

The entire heating element for the vape is located in the top of the unit.  What this means is that while the heat is localized, the vaporizer itself stays relatively cool but the top gets incredibly hot.  When I was using the device I was burned several times while trying to add and remove herbs.  The ascent heated up from nothing to our set temperature within minutes.  Vapor production for both herbs and concentrate was top notch and some of the best I’ve seen from any portable vaporizer.  Taste was amazing with no additives and light but flavorful smoke.  Passing from person to person can be somewhat difficult as the vaporizer was so hot that we had to maneuver without touching the top.

The major flaw I saw with the Da Vinci Ascent portable vaporizer is the localized heating element.  After one session with the oil jar I encountered some major issues.  The first issue being that the lid for the jar came unseated even though I kept the unit right side up so it wouldn’t leak.  This led to massive leakage all over the unit, my table, and me when I tried to reload it.  Fluid was everywhere and ultimately stuck the glass mouthpiece inside the unit.  Now since it was glass it was easy to remove and clean but for being a portable vaporizer this would be a nightmare to do outside of my home.  The second issue was that even though I turned the unit off, cool down took much longer than expected which gave me a difficult time in adding new concentrates and dry herbs.  Trust me when I saw even the slightest misstep when reloading after a session can lead to serious burns.

Overall, the Ascent itself performed great.  I thoroughly enjoyed vaping both dry herbs and concentrates in mine but can’t recommend it as a portable vaporizer.  Trying to reload in any public setting is incredibly difficult and would lead to more trouble than it’s worth.  However as a home vaporizer this has become a permanent staple in my daily use.

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