The Da Vinci Vape Pen Review

Let’s Talk The Da Vinci Vape Pen & Not The Code Please

Full Review:  The Da Vinci portable vaporizer is the predecessor to the Ascent and it shows.  The first thing you notice when you open the package is the walkie talkie shaped unit.  While the Da Vinci vape is not nearly as heavy as the Ascent it still has some heft to it.  Included in the box are oil cans, the antenna like mouthpiece, a wall charger, and some screens.  Once you flip the lid off the vaporizer itself, you will notice a cleaning brush and a small storage compartment for the oil cans.

There are a couple things that need to be mentioned first about the operation of this vaporizer.  Once the vape is on and the temperature is set, the power button must be pressed a second time to actually start the heating process.  The standby switch located on the side must be in the on position as well or else the vaporizer will not turn on.  This can be very confusing for new users and had me fooled in the beginning.  Attaching the mouthpiece is surprising simple and once that’s done all that is left is to begin your session.

The not so good

Speaking of the chamber, this may be the most ill designed and hard to reach chamber of any vaporizer I have ever used.  It is located under the lid but is only accessible from the top side of the unit.  The location makes it nearly impossible to load, pack, and empty the chamber completely.  The oil can just slides in so that’s slightly easier but once the unit heats up trying to load new herbs or concentrate is dubious at best.

Which brings me to my next point; the batteries in this thing are massive and when the unit heats up you’ll know it.  After several sessions with a friend it became abundantly clear why they included the standby switch.  Continuous use of this vaporizer will almost always result in some sort of burn.  Passing it around quickly turns into a game of hot potato that you don’t want to be on the losing end of.  Smoke production was decent for both herbs and concentrate but required me to set the temperature at about 25° higher than normal at 400° and 450° respectively.

In conclusion

As a portable vaporizer the Da Vinci did a lot of things right.  The idea of a storage container for when you’re on the go is great but the chamber location negates any loading on the go.  Add to that the incredible heat the vape puts out and I can’t recommend this as a true portable.  However, if you’re going to a friend’s house or somewhere else where you can easily set the vaporizer down then this is a decent vape for the price.

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