Dank Geek May Be The Coolest Headshop On The Internet

Dank Geek

We have a pretty great glass collection here at Stoned Media Group.  That’s not being vain, that’s being honest.  In this line of work, one just acquires a lot of cool things.  Or so we thought.

Then we met Dank Geek.

Dank Geek is an online headshop that specializes in everything gloriously geeky about nerd culture.  On DankGeek.com, you can find everything from Grav Labs bongs, to Pokemon handpipes, to Mario Brothers accessories, to some pretty sweet heady glass.  While we know you would pay hundreds of dollars for this sweet smoking memorabilia, you don’t have to.  Dank Geek is incredibly affordable, which means it won’t cost you an arm, leg, and soul to be the coolest guy in the smoke circle.  They even have an Under $100 section for those of you who are watching your wallets.

Want to dab out of the Death Star while you watch Star Wars for the 420th time?  Thanks to Dank Geek, you can.  Want to smoke pot with Pikachu while you hunt down electronic Pokemon on your phone?  Dank Geek has got you.  Smoke a blunt with Bender?  Not a problem.  You can actually smoke OUT OF Bender, compliments of Dank Geek.

So we mentioned some of the cool looking products Dank Geek offers, but we still haven’t told you about all the amazing brands they carry.  On DankGeek.com, you can find products from Grav Labs, Chameleon Glass, and Killa Glass.  They sent us a piece by Grav Labs and a super cool Family Guy handpipe, and we couldn’t love them more.  You can check our video review of the products later this week!

One of the featured products on DankGeek.com is a Shot Glass Taster Combo by Grav Labs.  Take a minute to absorb that, because it’s exactly what it sounds like.  For a mere $19.95, you can take a DOUBLE shot of booze and then a hit of weed, out of the same contraption.

It's a literal walking party!

It’s a literal walking party!

Ok, so Dank Geek has really cool products and is the host of several reputable brands.  They can’t get any better, right?  Wrong.  We’ve all broken a favorite piece a time or two – it’s a sad day to say the least.  Well, if you take a picture of your broken baby and send it to Dank Geek with note that says “Help me Dank Geek” and send it to RIP@DankGeek.com, they will send you a promo code to get a brand new favorite piece.  They call it the “Rest In Piece” program and it’s absolutely amazing.

Dank Geek is one of the coolest companies we have ever had the pleasure of coming across.  Not only do they host some high quality glass, they also have the most unique selection of nerd friendly pieces on the market today.  Whether you want to hit a Dragonball Z dabber, get high like Gandalf, or save your weed in a super star stash jar, Dank Geek will make your dreams come true, and despite their name, we think they couldn’t be cooler.

Check out our video review here!

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