The DEA Is Offering Federal Licenses To Grow Marijuana

Federal Licenses to grow Marijuana.

The DEA is offering Federal Licenses to grow Marijuanm.

If you had the opportunity to grow marijuana for the U.S. Government would you take it? It sounds like a great job, however there aren’t as many people lining up as you would imagine.

STAT recently contacted about a dozen agricultural schools, even the schools who currently have industrial hemp programs, to find out how eager they would be to grow marijuana for the government. The list includes: Cornell University, the University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, Virginia Tech, Michigan State University, the University of Vermont, University of California at Davis, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Colorado State University, Oregon State University and Purdue University.

The University of Mississippi has had an exclusive license to grow marijuana for the government for more than four decades. The main reason that the DEA is interested in expanding their marijuana supply is to gain a better understanding of the variety of strains that contain high amounts of cannabidiol.

All this expansion is based around clinical trials of a drug Epidiolex, which is currently not approved by the FDA, but will be used to treat epilepsy. If Epidiolex does get approved it will be the third drug related to cannabis to gain FDA approval, the other two synthetic drugs – Marinol and Cesamet – were approved in the 1980’s by the Federal Drug Administration.

Acquiring a new license to grow marijuana for the federal government will not be an easy task to achieve, all applicants will go through a very lengthy vetting process and it will take a lot of time and money. We are excited to see that the federal government is finally becoming more open minded towards marijuana for it’s medicinal uses. Small steps in the right direction, is still progress, and we couldn’t be more excited.