Like A Dime Bag


I recently read that Snoop Dogg admitted to needing weed and women as muses in order to write new rap music. Well that’s flattering, Mr. Dogg, as I need you around sometimes to inspire my writing about weed. This got me to thinking, though, about how rap and R&B music portray women, sexuality, and smoking reefer these days.

Sex Weed

R. Kelly has a song called, I shit you not, “Sex Weed.” Well, that sounds like a great place to start. At first listen, it’s a smooth R&B piece that you can get your groove on to. Essentially, it’s about him comparing sexing up his lady friend to smoking bud. She makes him feel “like I’ve been smoking purple haze.” Overall, he is complimentary. It is no secret throughout the song that he enjoys the effects of marijuana use, and he compares the sex he has with this lady to the highest quality high. Obviously, he not only enjoys the sexy times he has with this unnamed woman, but he enjoys her personal sexuality as a woman.

Smoke Wit You


“Smoke Wit You” is a fast paced rap song by Twista and The Speedknot Mobsterz, in which they invite some lovely young ladies to come and smoke up with them. Afterall, sharing is caring. In the first part of the song, Mayz admits, “It ain’t all about the sex but we can do that too.” How generous! Seriously, though, the song is about offering weed to these women. Sex is offered, and he hopes she will oblige him, but it is not a necessary requirement of the evening. Personally, Mayz, I commend you for being respectful. There is nothing sexier than that. Later on in the song, Twista drops the line “’Cause this cannabis, scandalous, it’s romantic, it’s Romeo,” and finishes his segment with the line “Let me smoke with you.” He is asking his special lady for permission to smoke with her, so they can enjoy the romantic pleasures of stoned sex. I certainly hope she decided to be his nighttime Juliet. While explicit in its sexual nature, this song is overall positive with regards to women, weed, and sex.

These are two different styles of music glorifying sex and weed, and my inner Nicki Minaj loves it. I’ve always thought I could (and should) be a rapper, as I am good with my words, but for some reason my friends discourage it. It’s good to know though that there are other people out there adding melody to my two favorite topics.

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