Eagle Energy Vapor Takes Vaping To A Different Level

vape pen

While we absolutely love everything about the vape pen craze here at Stoned Girls, we can’t help but be curious about a group of Vancouver entrepreneurs who, well, have a different approach to the vaporizer.

They have created a product called Eagle Energy Vapor which actually allows you to vape caffeine.  That’s right, instead of your morning cup(s) of coffee, you can now inhale your energy through what looks like an e-cig.

What is in an energy vape, you may ask also?  Well, mostly just caffeine, and a few other ingredients that are commonly used in energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, and the hits apparently taste similar to those products as well.

Stephen Allen, the company’s COO, said, “A cup of coffee, say, takes a certain amount of time to get in your system.  When you inhale a product, it gets into your system much faster.”  He went on to say, “We’re aiming at the 18-25 market.  That’s our target.  They want to get their caffeine in a different delivery system.”

We at Stoned Girls can understand this thought process, as it is millennials that have, in many ways, paved the way for new and better cannabis consumption.

Where can you get your own?

You can buy an Eagle Energy Vapor for about $9.00, and they will purportedly last the average consumer 5 days.  Each vaporizer contains about 500 puffs, and a recommended serving size is 10 – 20.

While we are picturing a world where your caffeine vaporizer is always there after your THC vaporizer to make sure you don’t get too tired to function after smoking, we can’t help but worry about what would happen if someone were to, well, inhale more than the suggested serving size.

Therefore, to assuage us, Eagle Energy Vapor has put a sticker on their product urging people not to go through more than one stick per day.

Furthermore, maybe there will come a day where all our vaporizers will frolic hand-in-hand, ensuring we have as much energy as we need to have the best high possible.  Or, maybe, we will just shake our heads and say, “Bitch, are you high?!”  Either way, we are keeping our eye on you, Eagle Energy Vapor.

Want to know more about caffeine vaping?  Here’s a quick video from Eagle Energy Vapor.  And you can click here to buy your very own.