Experts Agree Vegas Will Be ‘Atom Bomb’ Of Weed Tourism


Vegas? The new mecca for weed?

Cannabis News: Weed in Las Vegas

Back in October, The Smoking Bud contributor Nico Enea penned “The Race to Vegas: A Value Investor’s Guide to the Cannabis Market”.  On Tuesday, HuffPost Live spoke to the marijuana editor of The Denver Post, Ricardo Baca.  Ricardo echoed Las Vegas is poised to become the “atom bomb” of marijuana legalization and tourism in the U.S.  In addition, there is more to read than just a prediction of the future in this article.  Also, the article is backed up with data and authority figure’s insight.


Also, click here to find out how Las Vegas is going to be the Amsterdam of the United States.  Furthermore, when you are done learning about the future of Vegas, hop on back to for much more than cannabis news.

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