Fast Food Chain In Colorado To Sell Marijuana

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Cannabis News: Fast food chain to start selling weed?

There have been a lot of crazy weed stories lately, but none more so than The Racket Report’s
expo on KFC selling marijuana.

Cannabis News:

The Racket Report announced that because marijuana profits were so high, fast food chains were looking to get in on the green.  According to the satirical web news site, “The KFC Corporation was approved for the Marijuana Retail Recreational Pot/Medical Marijuana Occupational Business License.  Currently, 42 of the nearly 100 KFC franchises in the state of Colorado have added this ‘option’ to their menu.”

KFC has not mentioned any “special” sales on their official news page, so either The Racket Report is full of shit, or KFC is keeping this way under [blunt] wraps.

Realistically, KFC and their parent corporation YUM! Brands would have a hard time with this, as marijuana is still technically illegal on a federal level.  As we have previously reported, because of this legality issue, the money collected (even if it’s cash) could be seized by the government.


Now, we’re not saying we’re opposed to a little kickin chicken, but we’re pretty sure it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

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