Fast Food Workers Fired For Trading Dabs For Burgers And Fries


Tacoma trading Dabs

Cannabis News: Trading Dabs for Burgers

Two northern fast food employees have been summarily canned.  This was after footage of them smoking cannabis wax through the drive-thru window.  It was escalated when it  hit the social media circuit and went viral.

The two workers were in the employment of the burger chain Frugals when they were approached by marijuana advocate and YouTube personality Jonah Tacoma.  Tacoma offered hits of marijuana concentrate (often referred to as dabs) in exchange for some burgers and fries.

“We were going through the drive-thru and when we were done ordering, I offered to pay with dabs instead of cash,” said Tacoma. “She said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ We started filming when we pulled up.”

At first there seems to be no willing participants. Only just a few stares of amazement by the workers attending the drive-thru window. However it doesn’t take long for a couple of eager and willing smokers to come out of the woodwork.  They stick their heads into the vehicle and take a quick toke, walking away with ear-to-ear grins. The footage then pans to a few more Frugals employees refusing the offer while Tacoma boasts, “Only in America kids.”

Tacoma held onto the video for more than a month before ultimately deciding to post it on YouTube.  Click here to read more and see the infamous video!

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