Fishing For Answers:  A Delightful Distraction Into Internet Abyss


Weed & The Web: A Delightful Distraction Into Internet Abyss

Earlier today

I was researching and writing an article about R&B music’s portrayal of women, weed, and sex.  Like I always do, I started with google; it inspires me.  During this journey into the depths of the internet ocean, I came across a lot of posts from people of all ages and races asking pretty much the same question:  Why do all rappers only write songs about getting high and fucking women?  Well, I have a few questions for you, internet surfers:  Why is that bad?  Do you think smoking weed is bad?  Is that the hang-up?  Or is it that you feel women are being unfairly objectified?  Do you feel like people who publicly admit to smoking weed and enjoying sex with beautiful people are unproductive, uneducated, or in general second class citizens?

I started with yahoo answers and read a lot of the questions that were being posted.  “Why do rappers need to smoke weed to write?” was one of the first ones that popped up.  One of the things that I don’t like about this question is it makes it sound like the inquisitor is suggesting that smoking weed is bad for the creative process.  Newsflash, my friend, rappers aren’t the only writers who smoke pot.  In fact, Carl Sagan, Stephen King, and Maya fucking Angelou have all hit it a time or two.

carl sagan001

Brain Dead

A “related question” to this was, “How did 2pac write so many great songs when he was always smoking weed.  Doesn’t weed make u think less sharp?”  Y’all, I wish you could see the fervor with which I was shaking my head.  Now, I do commend this curious mind for at least acknowledging that 2pac was fucking great, but doesn’t that answer the exact question that was asked to begin with?  He was high and he was amazing.  End of story.  There is nothing to wonder about.  It’s not like he was some sort of superhero who was immune to their perceived oh-so-horrible affects of marijuana.

Naturally, I clicked on it so I could read the full question, and bravely even try to read some of the answers associated with it.  That’s when I found the very best thing about the post.  This person actually proposed that 2pac wasn’t high at all when he wrote his masterpieces.  To them, it is impossible to be that genius under the influence of drugs.  Excellent.

As I scrolled down, another person posed the question:  “Do you think it’s cheating to smoke weed and then write rap lyrics?”  The argument was that if athletes can’t use steroids because it’s cheating, then why smoking weed to be more creative isn’t considered cheating.  Maybe it’s time to leave yahoo answers.

Let Me Compose Myself

After a short break away from the computer to compose myself, I searched for questions related to women and rappers, and the only thing that came up were questions like “Why are rappers so degrading to women?”  Now, I will admit, not just rap music but all music has aspects of it that are offensive to women.  But a lot of the questions and answers focused on the image of the “video vixen”.  For those of you that don’t know, a video vixen is how women who regularly appear in rap videos are referred to.

This topic actually brought about some thoughtful and intriguing answers, and was much easier to read.  Here’s what I think:  to each their own.  Just because these women are naked and dancing in videos doesn’t mean they feel degraded.  The female body is beautiful, and something to be celebrated.  If being naked empowers you, then you go get it girl!  I would personally love to live in a world where all women felt the sweet freedom of being naked and feeling good.

I am in the process of a really good article that celebrates women and weed in the rap scene, but I think that this distraction was worthwhile to mention.  Hopefully, on my quest to expand general societal consciousness with regards to the stoned girl, I can help provide answers and possibly change minds on this subject matter.  For the record.  I publicly admit to smoking weed and having sex with all kinds of people, and I am one eloquent and sophisticated bitch.


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