5 Reasons To Follow @TheStonedGirls On Twitter


We like to think our Twitter game is fairly strong, and every once in a while it’s nice to be reminded of that.  One of our awesome followers, @Now_thats_Fresh, wrote the following up, and we just had to share it with you!


1.  Tips and Tricks


The lovely ladies over at @TheStonedGirls are always dropping convenient little hacks and cheats for stoners to help make their high a more pleasurable experience.  From hiding the smell when smoking in public to tips on how to have better high sex, any Stoned Girls follower will be able to tell you a random stoner trick that not only works, but is useful.


2.  Entertainment


The @TheStonedGirls website is one of the most entertaining websites that I have ever been on.  The website is a forum, read up, and shop all in one. As someone who enjoys spending an hour or so surfing the web every now and then, StonedGirls.com usually takes up all my time.


3.  The Latest Political News


The Stoned Girls don’t just give tips and tricks!  The ladies at StonedGirls.com are very up to date on the latest political news and rumors when it comes to weed. We all want weed to become legal, but not all of us have the time to read up on the process of weed decriminalization. Stoned Girls does that for you, and if you’re in an area where weed is on the verge of being decriminalized this is especially useful.


4.  The Shop


From grinders to glass, Stoned Girls has partnerships with the latest in weed tools and merch.  Plus the Stoned Girls shirts are kickass, and you can even get a FREE calendar!


5.  Hot Naked Women


This one is a no brainier. Who doesn’t love hot naked women!? Combine that with weed and entertainment, and you have a party all in one website.

There are many reasons to follow @TheStonedGirls and visit StonedGirls.com, but these 5 reasons are sure to allure anyone who enjoys women and weed to their page and become a supporter for life!