Forbes Hired Julie Weed As Cannabis Contributor


Yes, that’s her real name.

Marijuana has become so mainstream, that even Forbes has jumped on the bandwagon.  That’s right, the famous business publication will now be making room for weed.  In fact, they hired a woman by the name of Julie Weed to cover cannabis culture and industry.  It’s a match made in Haze Heaven.


Weed had this to say about her new venture with Forbes:  “When a bi-partisan bill comes to the floor of the U.S. senate that would allow financial institutions to provide services to legal marijuana businesses, it’s a good time for Forbes to start covering the cannabis industry in earnest.”

In her initial cannabis-related article for Forbes, Weed writes, “Over the next weeks and months I will be exploring the world of the ‘Potrepreneur,’ the ‘Canna-businessperson.’  What services and products are they creating? Who are they hiring? What challenges and opportunities are they facing and how are their businesses different than other businesses? The legal marijuana industry is attracting executives with MBAs, technologists, stay-at-home parents and college students. Stoners are emerging from their basements, because it turns out they now have the expertise everybody is looking for.”

Not that cannabis culture needed any sort of validation, but this is just further proof that we as a society are moving (quite quickly!) toward nationwide legalization, as well as taking the stigma away from marijuana.

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