There Is Now A Weed Leaf Shaped Vibrator

Image Credit:  Ganja Vibes

Image Credit: Ganja Vibes

Thanks to Ganja Vibes there is now a marijuana leaf shaped vibrator that every Stoned Girl (or stoned couple!) is sure to love! This weed inspired vibrator will sure to have you digging its vibe and vibrations.

The Mary Jane Vibrator is powered by an incredible multispeed vibrator egg that is covered by a green pot leaf sleeve that gives it it’s unique vibe (see what we did there?). This vibrator was designed with pleasure and usability in mind. With a 4-foot cord and multiple settings controlled by an easy to change wheel, you will find pleasure with ease thanks to the Mary Jane Vibrator by Ganja Vibes.

According to an interview published by Cosmopolitan with the creator of the Mary Jane Vibrator, Heather Schnurr, “Schnurr says she had a friend of hers try the vibe and she reported she climaxed more with the Mary Jane Vibrator than anyone [she’d] ever been with”.

Well, for us here at Stoned Girls there isn’t much better than sex and weed, so when you can combine the two in one orgasmic package, you have definitely got our attention. This wonderful first in the line of hopefully many more awesome vibrators can be yours for less than $80! That’s right, for less than the price of a high quality ounce of ganja you can be on high vibrations with the Ganja Vibes Mary Jane Vibrator.

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