Get Free Weed In D.C. Today


By now, everyone knows about marijuana legalization in our nation’s capital.  What you may not know, however, is that they’re actually giving it away. 

Well, at least the seeds.  That’s right, tonight at the Libertine Bar and Restaurant in the Adams Morgan area, over 800 people will gather to receive free marijuana seeds.  This event is to publicly mark the beginning of the legal use of marijuana.

The organizers of the massive seed disbursement say they are hoping to launch a home growth initiative so that residents can take advantage of the legalization.  According to the Washington Post, the seed giveaway will give life to about 16,000 plants across D.C.

For those of you who are a little unclear about the laws in Washington, D.C., the possession of marijuana is legal, but the sales of the plant are not.

Adam Eidinger, head of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, said of the event, “It’s going to be a carnival.”  According to Eidinger, roughly 45 people have agreed to share seeds, which have already been divided up by strains.  Each bag of seeds will contain ten to twenty seeds.

Hence, the seed giveaway – A totally legal way to make sure D.C. residents can have their weed (legally) and smoke it too!

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