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During a recent trip to Denver, we here at Stoned Media Group got the opportunity to sit down with some of the coolest guys in the edibles game, Keef Cola.  For those of you who don’t know about Keef Cola and their great products, listen up.  For those of you who have already experienced Keef Cola, pay attention, because you just might learn something new.

We sat down with two of the core of Keef Cola staff members, Scott, Chief Operations Manager, and Andy, who runs Keef Cola’s marketing.  We discussed some of the great products they offer, as well as how Keef Cola came into existence.

The primary edible Keef Cola produces is their line of flavored, cannabis-infused carbonated beverages.  They have flavors like Bubba Kush Rootbeer, which won last year at the Mile High Cannabis Cup, grape, and regular cola.  The best thing about Keef Cola’s soda line, however, is that they are the most accurate company on the market.  In fact, Bubba Kush Rootbeer won at the Cannabis Cup because they were the only company to be able to nail their THC content right on the dot, which, for the record, is a whopping 100mg.  They don’t contain any caffeine, but Keef Cola does sell an energy drink, for those of you who are looking for a little jolt.  The sodas will not just get you high, either.  They contain B vitamins, and 100% of your daily C vitamin intake.

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While cannabis infused soda is their staple product, Keef Cola actually produces so much more than that.  They have a line of matching Boost Cannabis Shots that are 80mg a piece, and can be split up into 10mg servings, all of which still contain the vitamins and go well over ice.

The newest Keef Cola product is their VitaCanna, which comes in Sour Cherry, Green Apple, and Strawberry.  They contain equal parts CBD and THC, for those of you who are looking for a more medical CBD product.

And, on top of all of that, Keef Cola also produces extracts, like waxes, shatters, and CO2 oil.  Actually, all of the Keef Cola products, even the sodas, are made with CO2 oil, as it is the purest extract they can use and will not affect the taste of the product.  They even go so far as to put the terpenes back into the oil, as they are what is responsible for the mellow high an indica will give you, and the energy you get from a sativa.

So, now that you are familiar with their products, let us tell you a little about the beginnings of Keef Cola.  They staff there is a tight knit group of childhood best friends who basically started from the ground up.  They used to conduct after hours meetings while Andy was working at a Xerox, and produce all of the marketing materials necessary for their burgeoning company.

They made great connections with the local dispensaries, and things have been uphill ever since, culminating in them winning the best edible with Bubba Kush Rootbeer. The first flavors they offered were Orange and Blue Dream, as they are diehard Broncos fans.  Also, for those of you curious about the namesake of the company, it refers to the “kief” part of the plant.

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Andy and Scott went into a few difficulties they have faced during what Andy refers to as a “prohibition era”.  First, you will notice that the packaging for the sodas is an aluminum bottle.  This is because of specific laws in Colorado regarding edible packaging, which differs from medical to recreational products.  Speaking of packaging, you may notice how badass their logos are.  Keef Cola has a great graphic designer who has been with them since the beginning designing all of their materials.
As far as what’s next for Keef Cola, Andy and Scott said they are looking to expand their product line a bit, and that they love their staff now.  When they look towards national distribution, it is important to them to find the same values that the current Keef Cola company and staff embody currently.  All in all, Keef Cola is a great group of super cool childhood pals, and we couldn’t love them more.

Now that you’ve read all about them, check out our video tour of their facility and meet the guys themselves!

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