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They say you should never judge a book by its cover and while I normally agree with that; I think this time I was right on the money once I saw the packaging for the Goboof Alfa.  While the name is particularly stupid in my opinion, the box is even worse.  This vaporizer was given to me by a friend of mine that runs a head shop and as soon as he handed it to me I was disappointed.  The Alfa comes in a standard brown cardboard box with a picture on each side, not of the product, but of 2 random people wearing what looks like child animal masks.  Not only is it impossible to tell what is in the box based on its outside, it borders on creepy.

The Good

Once you get past the hideous packaging, inside the box you’ll find some toothpicks, pipe cleaners, packing tool, screens, and a charger.  Most of this stuff is just filler and doesn’t add anything to overall value but the vaporizer itself does have some nice features.  The first thing I noticed was how solid the unit itself actually is.  The vaporizer is constructed out of one piece of aluminum with a plastic herb chamber door and rubber mouthpiece.  I must admit I’ve already dropped it once and it is no worse for the wear.  Goboof is, not surprisingly, made across the pond in the U.K. and simplicity is the key.  Load the herb chamber and turn the dial and you’re ready to go.

One of the most interesting design functions is the metal rod in the center of the heating chamber.  The idea is that it heats the herbs all around instead of just on the side and is a great step in the right direction.  It seems to be pretty effective since on the medium setting the vapor produced was harsh and thick.  The dial setting has a couple interesting features beyond the normal low, medium, high.  These unique features are called “heat by time” and “heat by puff”.  Unfortunately the manual doesn’t explain these settings very well so I’m not exactly sure how they function in the long run.  While a nice idea, I tend to lean towards a set temp setting since it requires less guess work.

The Not So Good

Now for the bad; and there is a fair amount of it.  The herb chamber is recessed with a covering lid somewhat resembling the Pax.  Like the Pax herbs tend to get caught in between the lid and the chamber making it tough to close and secure.  The vapor pathway is just an open hole in the chamber that leads to the mouthpiece.  This means that the only thing stopping the plant matter from reaching your mouth is a screen just under the rubber mouthpiece.  It doesn’t always work though since several times I managed to inhale some herbs.  Speaking of the mouthpiece, the rubber itself is nice but they positioned it way too close to the actual unit. Therefore, it is a bit awkward trying to use it.

In Summary, the Goboof Alfa is a stupid name.

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