Governor Candidate’s Wife Arrested For “Small” Marijuana Possession

Photo: TheWeedBlog

Photo: TheWeedBlog

Donna Weinholtz pleaded guilty to misdemeanor pot-possession charges connected with two pounds of the drug that was found at her house. Mike Weinholtz is Donna’s husband and is running for governor of Utah. As much as we would like to portray these two as hypocrites and as people abusing their position, we don’t think it’s right in this case. You see, Donna suffers from arthritis and degenerative spinal conditions that leave her debilitated and bedridden at times.

“What would you do if the person you love most in the world was faced with that decision?” Mike Weinholtz told NBC News, “Would you report them to the police? Would you insist they stop and live with pain too severe to sleep at night?” Donna went on to say, “I, like many Utahns, made a deliberate and conscious decision to use cannabis knowing full well that it is against the law,” Well Stoned Media Group supports you 100% Donna Weinholtz!

Not everyone who is in pain looks like they are in pain, and at the same time, those who don’t appear to be in pain may be medicating with something other than legal prescription drugs. Medical marijuana transcends social classes, generations and other limiting factors that separate us. Marijuana brings people together and unites people who may never cross paths if it wasn’t for marijuana.


Donna will have to pay a $3,800 fine and serve a year of probation, also if she stays clear of trouble for a year after that her record will be cleared. We are glad that the Weinholtz’s have finally been able to put this ordeal behind them. We are also even more excited that Mike Weinholtz still has the opportunity to become governor of Utah and begin the arduous process of changing the policies restricting access to medical marijuana in Utah. Not everyone who gets arrested for marijuana possession is a bad person and they shouldn’t be portrayed as one just because of their actions.

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