Great Illadelph and Snic Collab


These bongs fill your weed session with artistic style

Great Illadelph and Snic Collab

Let me preface this by saying that I personally collect water pipes and love special one off pieces.  Now I know not everyone considers them art and a lot of them seem excessive or unusable and I understand that.  However this is an art form and everything from a small hand pipe to custom thousand dollar pieces can astound.  Traveling around to pipe galleries and small shops alike I’ve decided chronicle some of the amazing pipes I have come across and share them with you.  But first let me tell you the story of how this particular piece came into my possession.

This is a one of a kind Illadelph and Snic collab that when I first saw it 5 years ago absolutely made my jaw drop.  I’ve seen some nice pieces but this just blew me away.  It was in one of my local head shops and since I was in college I could most definitely not afford it at the time but I made a deal with the shop owner to put half down and he would save it for me.  After several months of saving I had enough money to make my down payment and rushed to the shop to do so. Unfortunately by the time I got there it had been sold to another head shop that very day and it was gone.  I had never been so disappointed before.

Every Piece has a Story

Several years later I struck up a conversation with the head shop owner about the pipe and he told me he had just come back from a trip out of town and one of the head shops he visited had bought this exact pipe from someone else.  He offered to call the guy and within minutes confirmed he did have the pipe for sale and was willing to go get it for me.  So a deal was struck and 2 weeks later this was proudly in my display case.  so after traveling through who knows how many hands, destiny intervened and returned the pipe to it’s rightful owner.

The Illadelph and Snic pipe itself separates into 5 pieces and the top has a diver helmet suspended in oil with a hidden coil inside.  When I was told this I could barely believe it but seeing some of Illadelphs other work i knew it was true.  The top actually comes off and can be put into a freezer so that the smoke cools as it travels through the coil.  On the side is a custom ashcatcher, bowl and stem that can all be removed.  While this is made by Illadelph the logo actually reads “Killadelph” and was anodized in copper by Snic

Great Theme

As an avid gamer the first thing that popped into my mind was that this pipe looks like it was ripped out of a Bioshock game.  Bioshock happens to be my favorite game of all time so this has become a part of my display case along with the Special Edition of their games and my Big Daddy statue.  Illadelph and Snic both do amazing work and to see this one of kind piece is to marvel at what can be accomplished by true artists.  While it may never be in a museum next to a Monet or Picasso, it still stands as  a symbol of what art is and can be.

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