The Best Stoned Halloween Costumes


Halloween is rapidly approaching and everyone knows that there is nothing more fun than getting really stoned and coming up with the best, most creative Halloween costume on the planet. Obviously, that’s the real key to making friends and influencing people. Also, we all know there’s nothing better than being at a party and having every single person come up to you and tell you how awesome they think you are. It is the easiest way to make new “nighttime friends.” Finally, there is nothing worse than being that guy at the party with a pot on his head like an asshole because you got too distracted to come up with a good costume.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a costume, or simply don’t have enough time to put the effort towards being creative, here are some good ideas to ensure you’re not alone in the corner this Halloween.

Cheech and Chong

Go grab your very best friend, get real high, and take a trip to the goodwill. Other than obviously having a blast finding hidden gems amongst the musty smelling racks, you will find everything you need to be weed’s first couple. As you will be easily recognizable, you will avoid any unwanted “Why are you wearing a mustache?” questions. And for the record, I will do almost anything to get to wear a mustache.

Speaking of mustaches, this costume is not just for men. I love to be sexy just as much as the next gal, but sometimes getting fun and creative can actually garner more attention from the opposite (or same) sex. Yea, you’ll have to wear fake facial hair, but you can also cutoff that sassy yellow shirt and show some mid drift, or rock some cleavage in that denim shirt no prob. Anyway, putting this costume together is super easy and cheap, and people will no doubt be passing you blunts all night at the party, just because you have become an instant novelty.

Mary Jane


This costume is a big hit for the ladies (or adventurous men) and I say that with experience. I won a costume contest (and the hearts of several men) in college by dressing up as Mary Jane. Again, this costume is super cheap and easy, and can be as fancy as you want to make it. Go to the mall and buy a cheap green dress and some tights. Next, go to Spencers and buy several of those pot leaf leis they have all year-round. Stop off at Michael’s and buy some needle and thread, green glitter, and anything else fun you want to add to your Mary Jane persona.

Cut apart the lei so that you just have the leaves to work with. Sew as many or as few on your dress as you want to (which is why it’s a cheap dress). I thought it was cute to hem the dress in them and then scatter them all over the body. Spray adhesive the green glitter throughout the dress. Grab a pair of sassy green heels and get creative as fuck with your makeup. People will literally fight each other to talk to you wherever you go.

Pot Brownie


This last costume may be the hardest to make, but it is an excellent pun that will immediately make people laugh. Also, this costume has no choice but to make you sexy as shit. Go to your local Halloween superstore and find a Girl Scout costume. If you can’t find anything there, there are literally tons online to choose from, just make sure you allow enough time for shipping. There will be a lot of green ones, but you actually want the brown costume, as that is what the “brownie” level of girl scouts wear (again, experience).

Take those same leaves from the pot leaf lei and sew them onto your uniform. Extra 100 bonus points if you check out our baking section and make some pot cookies to go with your costume. Some people may be confused at first, but once you quickly explain the Girl Scout uniform, laughter and admiration will ensue.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. Whether you take my costume suggestions or have expertly created your own amazing weed related costume, we want to know. Hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or e-mail me directly at with your best costumes, and maybe you will be featured in our follow up article.

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