Hand In The Pot Cookie Jar


Everybody masturbates, and because everybody masturbates, everybody watches porn. You watch porn, I watch porn, your boss, your bartender, and the person who checks you out at Whole Foods watches porn. Porn is why the internet really exists, and you can literally find ANYTHING you want. There is porn out there for even the most fucked up people and this is the internet’s fault. It giveth and then it taketh away. Because regular, mainstream porn is so easily accessible, people get bored and want bigger and better images.

This leads down a rabbit hole of weird, fucked up shit. Because I’m a curious and ridiculous human being, I strolled down said rabbit hole and stumbled across something quite pleasurable to me, and that is a category of porn that features marijuana smoking. Clearly I had to know more. I got some coffee, sat at my desk, and conducted hours of “research.”

One of the sub-genres in the smoking category of porn is the idea of these women getting caught doing something they’re not supposed to and getting punished for it. Personally, I think this is excellent. It combines all of my most favorite things: weed, pussy, and a little bit of spanking.

Caught With Her Pants Down

               In this particular instance, two very common kinks are at play: age play and spanking. It seems that in most of these videos the women are young (between 18-22) and they are accompanied by an older male, who seems to be an authority or father figure. Let me first say that here, there is no judgment. Secondly, these are two fairly common fetishes. Also, it is no surprise that these two fetishes are connected as they share pretty similar traits of gratification. Both age play and spanking involve a dominant/submissive relationship.

In these smoking videos, the man is usually the dom and the young girl the sub. He is in a position of power emotionally and oftentimes he is actually above her physically, which creates a sense of dominance. He walks in on her doing something she isn’t supposed to, and therefore has to take control of the situation.

Now, there’s a million different things this woman could be doing to get caught, so why weed? The actual act of smoking is much more sexual than most other “naughty girl” things like skipping classes or graffiti. The fact that she is putting something in her mouth heightens the sexuality of the beginning of the movie.

Why Do People Like It?

               Men get off to this for several reasons. This sort of playful punishment allows them to feel in charge. It gives them a lot of power and control over their partner, and the person being spanked is often in a vulnerable position. It is also a safe way to explore a dominant/submissive relationship without diving straight into ball gags and leather suits. In these videos, men (and women too) vicariously punish the naughty young girl for doing something he can actually relate to himself.         

You Weren’t Forgotten, Ladies


Image Caption: “Don’t tell me she doesn’t like it.”

It is very important for me to point out that this is not just about men getting sexual gratification. There are a ton of women out there who love this very dynamic. First, ladies love to smoke weed, we’ve discussed this a million times. But secondly there are a lot of women out there that love to play this submissive role. All types of women actually.

Here’s a problem I run into all the time: Men (and women) oftentimes assume that a woman who is aggressive, has a powerful job, is opinionated and outspoken is going to be the same way between the sheets. Now, that’s not necessarily untrue; some women including myself are. But some women (also including myself) like to chill out, smoke some weed, and to finally have someone else take control. Seeing these images are just as arousing to us, because we can put ourselves in that position mentally.


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, my job is the best job ever. I could have “researched” for days, but I’m sure my arms would get sore and people would start to wonder why I was always staying so late at the office. Here is my concern, though, for my new favorite thing to watch online: What happens when pot becomes legal?

Anti-marijuana crusaders can fight it all they want, but everyone knows that one day in the not too distant future, cannabis will be legal all throughout this great country of ours. I for one will be celebrating by shoving as many baked pot goods in my mouth as I can while still being able to stand. But what will this do to the “Hand in the Weed Cookie Jar” video fans? No longer will it be illegal and “naughty” to get caught smoking. I don’t know what we will do when this sexualized stigma is no longer attached to the act of smoking, but at least we have a little more time to enjoy it.

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