Berkeley Scientists Create Pot Breathalyzer For Police


Photo: 20th Century Fox

Have you ever been pulled over for being too high? Well soon you might be.

Scientists at UC Berkeley in California have been developing a compact pot breathalyzer that will be able to detect how much marijuana you’ve consumed. This pot breathalyzer is scheduled to be tested this year by Hound Labs, a tech company based in Oakland.

We know what all you potheads are thinking “I’ll just eat an edible and there’s no way they will be able to tell.”  Think again. Hound Labs’ “The Hound” (wonder where they came up with that name, how creative) will be able to detect just how much you’ve smoked OR if you’ve had too many marijuana infused edibles.

However, KPIX5 legal analyst and retired Judge LaDoris Cordell has our backs and told CBS “Comparing marijuana to alcohol is like comparing apples to oranges. They are just not the same, so the question becomes how high is too high to drive?”

Everybody has that one friend who says they can out smoke anyone, and they probably can, but in this case having a high tolerance won’t be a good thing since the THC levels is what will determine if you get locked up or not. So do us all a favor and if you think you’ve had too much just order delivery. Chances are your adventure won’t end up like Harold and Kumar’s, and instead of ending your night at White Castle you might end up in jail.

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