Haze Vaporizer Review

Full Review:

I found the Haze while browsing some vaporizer forums and when I saw the 2 bowls I became very interested.  The website has a bunch of pretty pics but not a lot of explanation so I quickly ordered one and decided to give it a try myself.  The packaging is massive and it comes with a lot of nifty accessories.  Bowl shaped screens, detachable aluminum bowls, cleaning brush, and charger.  Haze Tech states that the Haze is compatible for both herbs, concentrates, and oils so it has the benefit of being a 3 in 1.

Before I get too in depth with this review I do want to relate a hilarious story about the first time a buddy and I tried it.  I started by handing my friend, who has worked in a head shop selling vapes for 2 years, the vaporizer and asking him to load.  It took him 15 mins to figure out how to open the top and I couldn’t stop laughing.

It was so un-intuitive that when we picked it up again 2 weeks later to give it a second try it still took him 5 mins to figure it out.  I wish I had a video to show you just how bad it was.  This is a man that is 6’2 and close to 300 lbs and he looked as if he was a child struggling with the packaging of a new toy.  After we got it open the experiment began.

At First Look

Lets start by addressing the main innovation on this vaporizer; that being the two bowls hidden under the top compartment of the Haze.  I thought that both bowls would activate simultaneously producing a strong hit.  Actually, each bowl activates individually and you choose which one to use by a selector at the top.  Unfortunately neither bowl on its’ own produces any vapor at all but it is quick to turn the herbs to brown garbage.  Our first load had herbs spill out and when we inhaled all we got was a mouth full of weed and no smoke.  After several rounds of spitting we gave up and I cleaned it to try again another day.

Day 2 came several weeks later and this time we made sure to seal the detachable bowls and tried again.  We tried all 4 temperature settings and managed to get one small bit of vapor out of 2 bowls and that was it.  After 20 minutes I opened the Haze to see if it was heating, even though I knew it was by how hot it got, and the weed had gone from green to dark brown and crumbled in my fingers.  It was at this point we called it a wrap and broke out the concentrate.

Wax and oil actually performed ok in the Haze vaporizer but it uses the same bowl system as dry herbs so it’s not convenient or easy to clean.  While I can’t complain about vapor production with wax, I can say there are way better vaporizers out there under $249 that do wax and oil.

In Conclusion

Bottom line is, don’t waste your money.  The price tag is outrageous for a product that underperforms basic Atmos vapes.  I like the molded rubber feel and the discreetness of it and think if Haze really went back to the drawing board they could come up with something very nice.   Unfortunately, this isn’t it.

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