Super Easy And Healthy Pot Brownie Recipe

how to make weed brownies

We have found a healthy pot brownie recipe that won’t give you cellulite.  Get ready for some baked un-baking.

How to Make Weed Brownies: What Will I Need?


3/4 cup rolled oats (or hemp seeds)

3/4 cup walnuts

1 cup dates

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 heaping tablespoons cacao powder

Pinch of salt (optional)

3-4 tablespoons weed infused coconut oil


1 tablespoon each of almond butter, maple syrup and cacao powder



To make your weed oil, bring a pot of water to a boil and add 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil and all the weed you want.  Allow mixture to simmer for 2-6 hours, adding water as necessary.  Once you are ready to take it off the heat, allow the mixture to cool and the water to completely evaporate.  Then strain out the access weed.  Your remaining weed infused coconut oil should be a nice green color.

To make your brownies, blend the oats and walnuts in a food processor until they are in powder form.  Add all of the other ingredients and blend until smooth and sticky, just the way we like it.  Press into a baking pan and stick in the refrigerator for a few hours to set.  In the meantime, combine the ingredients to make the glaze and set aside.  When the brownies are firm and ready, spread on the glaze and enjoy!


These baked un-baked brownies are all natural, vegan, and gluten free so your waistline won’t be affected at all.  Americans may still have that unhealthy, overweight stigma attached to them, but thanks to recipes like this, stoners may not. For more recipes similar to this how to make weed brownies,!

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