The Best Healthy Stoned Snacks


Misconceptions about Weed Lifestyle

A common misconception of potheads is that we are all lazy, cheeto-eating, unmotivated fatties.  Quite frankly, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Although most stoners can tell you that there is nothing better that movie theater foods when you’re high, we also love to experiment with cooking different and healthy foods.  Yea, a date with my couch while I watch a Workaholics marathon on Comedy Central sounds great right about now, but so does taking a walk down the Greenway and enjoying nature.  Most of the healthiest, most active people I know are also potheads.

Just like I am trying to dispel the myth that women don’t smoke, shouldn’t smoke, or don’t like smoking as much as men, I am also on a crusade to enlighten the world on the fit stoner.  There are a ton of fun to eat healthy foods for when you’re high that actually take some effort to eat.  These are nice because they are time consuming to eat, so it’s hard to over eat because you have to work for it, as well as they are super entertaining to consume.


Pomegranates have become more popular than frosted tips in the 90’s, and their juice has invaded just about everything in Whole Foods these days.   I was 19 the first time I tried a pomegranate and I’ll never forget it.  I remember I was intimidated by how to eat it, because let’s be honest it’s a confusing fruit.  My roommate cracked it open and we both took a half and ate the seeds.  They are like the delicious fruit equivalent of popcorn.  The seeds are small and juicy, but they take forever to eat, so pomegranates are the perfect snack to eat when you’re just eating to distractedly eat.

What Are The Healthy Benefits?

Pomegranates are a super food, which means it is a nutrient rich food that is not only healthy but may also have medicinal benefits as well.  Pomegranates may be effective in reducing heart disease risks.  They don’t just have antioxidants, they have just about EVERY antioxidant.  Ever.  In life.  Pomegranate juice can reduce blood pressure and inhibit viral infections.  The bacteria can even prevent dental plaque.  Just one pomegranate can account for the daily vitamin c requirement.  They can even help reduce chronic inflammation in your body, and I don’t know what that means but it sounds terrible and uncomfortable and enough for me to continue to religiously eat them.


If you squint, it even kind of looks like weed.

If you squint, it even kind of looks like weed.

Kale is super trendy right now and it may be hard to find as all the basic white bitches in the world are clearing the supermarket shelves of it.  Raw kale isn’t necessarily the tastiest thing on the vegetable aisle, but it does make a great chip for those of you who crave the saltiness that only a bag of lays can satisfy when you’re high.  You can buy kale chips in the grocery stores, but what’s the fun in that?  Go buy yourself some raw kale and Rachel Ray that shit yourself.  Pop it in the oven until it’s good and crispy and then drizzle some EVOO and sea salt over it for a guilt free snack chip.

What Are The Healthy Benefits?

Just like the pomegranate, kale is a superfood.  It aids in digestion and liver function as well as hydrates your body thereby increasing your metabolism.  Kale will also help lower your cholesterol.  Vegans and vegetarians rejoice because kale actually has more iron than beef.  The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids make your hair, skin, and nails stronger, shinier, and all over healthier appearance.  Kale also may contribute to the prevention of colon, prostate, and ovarian cancer.

For a lot of people out there the munchies don’t include shoving as many Totino’s pizza rolls in your mouth as possible while still being able to breathe.  It means cooking healthy and delicious meals and eating good raw foods.  Smoking pot doesn’t automatically make you “The Guy On The Couch” laying around sleeping all day either.  Stay tuned to The Fit Stoner for more healthy lifestyle tips and informative articles.

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