Here’s Everything You Need To Know About What’s Going On With Recreational Edibles

Image Credit:  Student News Daily

Image Credit: Student News Daily

June has been a weird month for edibles.

On the positive side, as of June 2nd, the legal sale of edibles in Oregon came into effect.  The state legalized recreational marijuana last October, but has restricted it to flower, plants, and seeds.  As of early this month, however, “Retail customers can buy one low-dose marijuana infused edible per day at medical marijuana dispensaries that sell to recreational customers. “Low dose” means an edible with no more than 15 milligrams of THC,” according to the Oregon Health Authority.  In Oregon, you can also buy topicals that contain less than 6% THC, and pre-filled cartridges or containers of extract, as long as it contains less than 1,000 milligrams of THC.

On the negative side, gummy edibles will no longer be allowed in Colorado as of July 1st.  Last Friday, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill banning the production and sale of THC-infused edibles resembling “the form of animals, people, and fruit.”  Apparently, after a lengthy discussion about the reformation of the edible market with regards to the products looking too similar to children’s candy, Colorado has decided to ban them altogether as a conclusion could not be agreed upon.

So, if you like to eat your weed (we know we do!), looks like you’ll have to change your travel plans to Portland.  It’s been a weird month for edibles.