6 Historical Figures Who Smoked Weed

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1.  William Shakespeare 


For anyone who paid any attention in high school English classes, this really shouldn’t be much of a surprise; some of his shit is fuuuucked up.  But it’s also amazing, and Shakespeare is regarded as pretty much the best playwright of all time.


2.  Queen Victoria 


Queen Victoria was always super bossy because she was a badass woman in a man’s world, but little did we all know that she was also a fan of bud as well. The Queen’s physician would prescribe getting high to alleviate ailments such as monthly menstrual cramps.  During a time in history where showing your ankles would get you tarred and feathered, it’s super neat to think that this badass bitch was out there getting stoned.


3.  George Washington 


That’s right, the fucking father of America smoked weed.  After all that Revolutionary War stuff was settled, George Washington settled on a tobacco farm that also grew hemp.  In fact, George Washington was an avid fan and supported of the medicinal properties of weed.  So much so that he would actually write in his diary about how he was growing strains with a particularly high THC content.  This being said, it baffles me why legalization is still an issue.


4.  William O’ Shaughnessy 


O’Shaughnessy was an Irish physician in the nineteenth century who moved to India to work for the British East India Company.  While there, he learned about the wonderful properties of cannabis.  He brought this knowledge back to England with him when is tour of India was done, where he used it to treat muscle spasms, vomiting and diarrhea.  It was O’ Shaughnessy who brought medicinal marijuana to the western world, and if he were still around we would give him a very sincere mouth hug.


5.  Friedrich Nietzsche 


Everyone’s favorite philosopher unsurprisingly had a love affair with Mary Jane.  I’m sure it was inspiration for a lot of things I read under the influence in college.


6.  Thomas Jefferson 


Yet another major American influence who cultivated and smoked weed.


There are a ton of other historical and influential potheads out there, and obviously this is just a sampling of our favorites here at Stoned Girls.  We will continue our tireless research into the ancient and historical uses of our favorite plant.

Got a favorite influential pothead?  Let me know!  E-mail me at rebecca@stonedgirls.com!

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