How To Get (And Keep!) Your Marijuana Pipes Clean

how to clean a pipe

Image Credit: Newsgab, How to clean a pipe? Find out here!

Reader Asks about how to clean a pipe:

We at Stoned Girls love it when we get submissions from our readers.  Whether it be photos of you guys smoking weed, sex advice requests, or just a quick letter saying how much you love our site, it means the world to us.

Recently we got an e-mail from a very awesome Stoned Girl named Sam, who shared her expert advice on how to keep your water pieces clean.

She writes:

“Hey ladies, I like you am a stoner girl. I love bongs. They have always been my glasswear of choice but I hate cleaning them. So I found that after you clean them put cranberry juice (all natural, sugar free, landrys is the brand I use) and your pieces will not get any res because of the acidity of the cranberries. Just remember to clean out the juice every day or it does get super gross!”

Clearly, this is important, as you don’t want to be the guy passing around a dirty brown bong that no one will hit because they’re afraid of catching Ebola.

Don't be this guy.

Don’t be this guy.

Sam, thank you so much!  We would have probably never thought of that ourselves, and you just saved us a lot of time and effort with this simple trick!

You can follow Sam on Instagram and Twitter at @thesamboulter.

And, if you have a tip for Stoned Girls like Sam, you can e-mail us at!

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