5 Tasty Ways You Should Get High Thanks To The Legalization Of Cannabis


The people of Colorado and Washington are celebrating legal weed in a number of ways.  For the first time in recent history, the citizens of these states (and soon to be Oregon, Alaska, and DC) can get creative with their marijuana.  There is a myriad of ways to get high without using rolling papers or a fancy bowl.  People are extracting THC and loading it into just about everything these days, and we at Stoned Girls were curious about what kinds of weird things we could ingest to give us a good marijuana high.  We weren’t disappointed, and we’re sure you won’t be either.

1.  Cannabis Energy Drink


What’s the worst thing about getting stoned?  Getting tired, right?  Well, thanks to Cannabis Energy Drink, that’s no longer a problem.


2.  Muffins weed

What better way to wake and bake than by enjoying a tasty THC muffin??  Home Grown Bakery makes a delicious cinnamon blueberry muffin that will have you flying high in no time.  The best part is you can eat them anywhere!  Just make sure you don’t share one with the nosey lady in the cube across from you who’s always trying to get her hands on your goods.


3.  Lozenges weed

Quick, what’s the shittiest part about being sick?  Not being able to get high, right?  You try and get a really good bong hit and end up burning the shit out of your throat.  That is no longer a problem thanks to cannabis lozenges.  They are available in butterscotch, lemon zest, mint, watermelon, and grape.


4.  Agave Nectarweed

Cannabis-infused agave nectar is widely available in some states.  Personally, I hate agave nectar, but I know that it can be used for a ton of different things.  From a breakfast syrup to margarita additive, THC-infused agave nectar can get (and keep) you high all day!


5.  Peanut Brittle weed

Easily one of the best holiday treats.  For me, there is nothing quite like getting to my parent’s house late at night on Christmas Eve, eating the whole tin of peanut brittle their neighbor made and then hiding the evidence before anyone wakes up…  Well, until now.  THC-infused peanut brittle is available to consumers out west to add a little taste of home to their weed.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, but I won’t stop until I do.


So, there are a ton of amazing edible choices when it comes to THC, and I have a feeling people are only going to get better and more inventive with it.  Even if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, or have a gluten or a nut allergy, the THC world has you covered.  I just got my hands on some special candy for Christmas and I think I’m going to try it out right now!


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