Italian Government Proposes Legal Weed


On Monday, lawmakers in Italy signed a motion to legalize cannabis across the country.  The proposal was introduced by Sen. Benedetto Della Vedova, and although the proposal hasn’t turned into a bill yet, Sen. Vedova promised it will soon.

The proposal is backed by 60 more politicians from both the center-left Democratic party as well as the right.  “It is a bipartisan proposition from members of the parliament of different political backgrounds.  This shows that even in Italy, a pragmatic approach, based on a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, is now increasingly popular in the political and cultural debate, not only outside but also inside the parliament,” Sen. Vedova said.

For those of you who don’t know, marijuana is already decriminalized in Italy; however, its personal and medical use is still illegal.


In addition to Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, and France have passed decriminalization and medical use laws regarding cannabis.  Currently, however, the Netherlands is the only place in Europe with retail marijuana sales.

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