How do you feel about weed? Naked women do anything for you? Would you say you’re “all about the Benjamin’s”? If you have a camera, we want you!

Job Posting: is looking for a motivated and talented photographers to come and shoot some photos of our literal smoking hot models. I dare you to find a job better than this. We pride ourselves on having access to the most beautiful women in the world model for us. While this is almost every man’s wet dream, we didn’t forget about you, ladies. Put all those college photography classes to work and join our team-we’re all women too!

Our environment is professional and fun. And let’s be real for a minute, what could possibly be more fun than taking pictures of beautiful naked women smoking with us. As we continue to grow, our shoots will grow as well, but as of right now we do weekly photo shoots, so this is regular paid work. We ask that you obviously have your own equipment, be respectful with our models, be able to creatively think on your feet, and have a blast.

If you are interesting in making every one you know as jealous as possible by having the best job in the world, get ahold of us via email, tweet, or Facebook. And make sure you have a rockin’ portfolio to wow us with.

Check us out at

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