Have Kush, Will Travel


For those of you who don’t have a passport, or the time and money to travel abroad when you finally get a few days off from the grind, don’t fret. I have you covered with a cheap and amazing vacation destination: Seattle, Washington. The land of the Space Needle, Starbucks, Seahawks, and most importantly smoking weed. The farthest major U.S. city from Seattle is Miami, at just over 3,300 miles, so this city is extremely accessible no matter where you live. From Miami, a flight is only around 6 hours and less than $500 round trip. You can’t even watch the first two Lord of the Rings movies in that time. Not even if you count being the appropriate level of early at the airport. Therefore, there is no excuse not to check out this amazing hotbed of weed loving tourist attractions.

The cannabis community is growing exponentially faster than technology at this point, all thanks to the legalization of weed in the great northwest. Both Washington and Colorado have seen a spike in tourism since passing legalization laws, and because of this a marijuana tourism industry has been created. I don’t think I’m alone here when I say that having a weed friendly vacation destination was the most exciting news since President Clinton getting blown in the oval office.

Places To Go, People To See

A company called Kush Tourism has made it possible for tourists to spend a couple hours learning the ins and outs of the booming marijuana industry. You can easily buy tickets online, but make sure you give them a day or two notice at least. Highlights include learning how to blow glass and make hash. The best part of the tour, however, is VIP access to Seattle’s first recreational cannabis shop, Cannabis City. I am sold, as I will literally do almost anything for the letters V I P in front of my name.


Image Caption: “How fancy is this? Seriously?”

Cannabis City’s hilariously stereotypical hours are noon to 8 every day, and apparently it is not out of the ordinary to see a line of more than 100 people waiting outside of the doors to get in. Guess what the letters VIP get you (other than a false sense of superiority that I absolutely live for)? That’s right, cutsies.   You get to go ahead of all those hopefully patient people. The most beautiful part of Cannabis City? You can check their menu online, and when you see something you like, you can call them to make sure they will have it in stock when you come visit.

What About The Other 20 Hours In My Day?

So now that you got your knowledge on, it’s time to eat. Blowing your diet by shoving everything you possibly can into your mouth is what vacations are for. And what could possibly make food better? Weed, clearly. But wait, there’s more! What could be better than eating weed infused food? Conveniently eating it on the street, that’s what. Seattle has cashed in on the two best new trends: weed and food trucks. Your edibles are now mobile. Make sure you look for MagicalButter roaming the streets of Seattle looking to fill your stomach and your mind.

Since you’re already high, you might as well visit Seattle’s most famous tourist attraction, the Space Needle. It is iconic, and people will probably be disappointed if you don’t check it out while you were there. Plus, you can probably get some really neat pictures of the city that can replace that dumb life quote as your Facebook cover photo.

But I’m Not Tired Yet

Stop by a Starbucks (they’re everywhere) get some caffeine, and get ready to party. Seattle has the world’s first weed bus, which is a party bus for stoners. You don’t need an entourage to hop on the weed bus either. It is perfectly acceptable to get on solo. They even give you food. Feel free to get good and high on the go, and check out some of the best local clubs and lounges Seattle has to offer.

The beautiful thing about Seattle is that they’ve got something to entertain you no matter what time of day it is. I think America would be hard-pressed to find a better, friendlier city to be one of the first places to legalize weed (other than Charlotte, North Carolina of course). The perfect mesh of culture, cannabis, and convenience puts Seattle at the top of the list for weed friendly vacation spots.


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