Lava Rocks Dutch Treat

by ireadculture | February 5, 2016

Available wherever Tahoma Flavors products are carried.

Tahoma Flavors Sativa created a truly unique product with these highly potent little treats. The Lava Rocks come in a glass container, topped with a cork, and sealed with wax for ultimate freshness. This unique presentation gave us the hint that we were in for something special. So did the 50 percent THC prominently displayed on the label. Shaking these rocks around in the glass, the sound gave the impression of something much more dense and compact than flower. The smell and taste was typical for Dutch Treat, fruity, and piney with an indistinct earthy flavor and scent. That’s because the Dutch Treat flower is rolled in Dutch Treat extract for an impressive final effect. We sampled the Lava Rocks using a water pipe, and let’s just say a little went a long way. The effect was strong and immediate—while it was intense, and true to its strain, it was also energizing and joyful. Lava Rocks might be a little too intense for anyone with a low tolerance, moderate to heavy cannabis users will enjoy these heady morsels.

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