Lawyer Drops Weed In Courtroom


We know it’s a shame weed isn’t legal everywhere.  Because of that, there are some people doing, well, kind of dumb things.  Usually we think of the defendants in the courtroom making stupid mistakes, but this time it was actually the attorney who fucked up.

Vincent J. Fazzone, an attorney in New London, Connecticut, was in court on behalf of a client.  When he stood up to address said client, 2 ounces of weed fell out of his back pocket.  The courtroom marshal saw the bag of weed fall out of Fazzone’s pocket while he was speaking with the judge.  The marshal respectfully allowed Fazzone to finish his conversation with the judge before he pulled him aside to address the situation.

Holly McGregor, a paralegal in Fazzone’s office, explained the situation, “When he got up with his client it fell out of his back pocket. After he was done with the judge, the marshal said when you’re done speaking with your client we need to talk to you.”  She also explained that Fazzone does not use marijuana and was holding on to it for a client.

The incident resulted in Fazzone being issued a $150 fine, as well as a lifetime of embarrassment.

kidding me rihanna

Vincent J. Fazzone, we are wondering, “Bitch, are you high?!”  First of all, taking a bag of weed into a courthouse located in a state where marijuana is still illegal is pretty much the dumbest thing you can do (other than lighting up a joint in the face of a police officer).  Second of all, saying you “were just holding it for someone else” is the lamest excuse in America.

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