Stop Lighter Thieves With Lighter Leash


We’re all guilty of it.  At some point in our lives, and we’re not proud of it, every stoner does the unthinkable – we steal a lighter.

Yes, we thieve.  Whether it be from our friends, co-workers, or family, at some point in time, we become the dreaded lighter thief.  And, at every point in our lives, someone we love will steal a lighter from us.  It’s ok, let the hurt go.

Thankfully for all of us, the awesome guys at Lighter Leash have created a stoner-friendly solution to this age old problem.  That’s right, Lighter Leash has created a special 420 series just for those of us who happen to love weed.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lighter Leash (which is ridiculous – I’ve had mine for 10 years), they are, “Proud to be the ‘original’ creators of the popular retractable lighter holder.  They continue to lead the market with our latest Lighter Leash models and designs, offering you extremely competitive wholesale, as well as retail, pricing.”

Essentially, you clip the Lighter Leash on your beltloop, and then put your lighter in the holster.  It’s retractable, so when you lend it to someone, they can light their bowl, but it’s still attached to you!

We could continue to explain how Lighter Leash works, but here’s a hilarious video that demonstrates it pretty well.

Lighter Leash has a ton of different styles of product, but again, it’s the rad 420 series we think you will be most into.  To buy your very own lighter leash, click here!

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