How Smoking Weed Can Make You Lose Weight

Image Credit:  Denver Weed

Image Credit: Denver Weed

According to Merry Jane, “Researchers in Canada recently discovered that individuals in their obesity study who smoked marijuana actually had lower BMI (body mass index) and more efficient and consistent blood sugar levels than their non-smoking counterparts.” How could that be though when marijuana is infamously known for giving people the munchies?

Most would believe that this would lead to weight gain, not weight loss, but thanks to the cannabinoids in cannabis that allow the endocannabinoid system within your body to work more effectively, your body is naturally able to break down calories.

The saturation of cannabinoids that your endocannabinoid system sees from consuming cannabis also helps to boost metabolism and regulate BMI, which are big factors in weight control. So no more worries stoner guys and gals, smoke on without worry.

Not only does cannabis contain zero calories and zero grams of fat, it also helps to allow your body to naturally control weight gain. There are many other factors that cannabis can help with that can result in weight loss as well. Things such as allowing people to cut alcohol out of their lives and motivating them to go to the gym are just a few of the ways that cannabis can help you maintain a lower BMI and help you lose weight.

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