Magic Flight Vape Pen Review

Magic Flight Launch Box Vape Pen

Full Review:  If you haven’t heard of the Magic Flight Launch Box then I’m proud to be the first vaporizer website you’ve ever visited.  Forums, vaporizer review sites, and tech sites have been talking about this product for years.  It was one of the first portable vaporizers that was truly effective.  Its simple design makes it easily accessible for entry level users and anyone who doesn’t like working with complicated electronics.  In fact there are no real electronics in the device.

The MFLB is a wooden box that contains some metal resistors and thin metal screen.  You literally jam a AA battery into the side of the box and the bars running from the battery to the screen heat up.  There are no temp settings or switches.  You load the device with your favorite dry herbs, close the plastic cover, and enjoy.  One side not, while this is marketed as a vaporizer the smoke tends to be much thicker and leads me to believe there is a lot more combustion going on than a normal vaporizer.

Now while simplicity is what makes the Magic Flight Launch Box special, it also is in no way advanced.  The heating process is crude and reminds me of something a friend would make in shop class.  In today’s world we have become accustomed to having more control and a higher standard of our products.  There are plenty of portable vaporizers out there that perform on par with the MFLB and can do so much more.  Even though those may cost a little more, I compare it to a cell phone.  While an old flip phone works just fine, most of us have upgraded to smart phones?

Overall the MFLB is a good starter vaporizer for people who aren’t sure if they want to switch from the old fashioned bowl or pipe or may not be as tech savvy.  But come on, you know you want a little more swagger with your smoke.

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