Find Out Where Someone Just Found 200 Pounds Of Weed

dumpster weed

There are a lot of really good places to hide your weed, but a dumpster isn’t one of them.  Especially if you have, let’s say, about 200 pounds of it.

Last week a man in Covina, California was rummaging through dumpsters with the hopes of finding some recyclable materials when he found more than 200 pounds of marijuana plants wrapped up in six 33 gallon garbage bags.

He reported the find to the police that night, and investigators are still puzzled as to why such a large amount of weed was so casually discarded.

While this sort of news story seems odd, purposely dumpster diving for weed is pretty common in Colorado, although the residents there are hard-pressed to get as lucky as this California man did.

Dispensaries in Colorado are throwing away a pretty decent amount of trim, which is netting some pretty high profits for those willing to dive in to get it.  According to “Dumpsta Love”, a Denver-based diver extraordinaire, you can make upwards of $30,000 per year in the dumpster dank game.

Dumpsta Love uses discarded trip to make his own concentrates, and we can’t help but wonder what kind of love these dumpster dabs are getting on the streets.

Check out this video from Vocativ for more about Dumpsta Love’s dumpster weed biz.

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