Man Arrested After Trying To Pass Off Weed As Salad


Image Credit: Cure Your Own Cancer, perhaps with a weed salad?

Cannabis News:

A 26 year old Georgia man was arrested by the St. Mary’s Police Department after he claimed that the sandwich bag of marijuana they found in his car was salad.

Richard Relliford was pulled over for a traffic violation when police found a one pound bag of weed somewhere in his car.  Relliford tried to convince police that the bag was actually a bag of salad, not weed, and that’s not even the worst part.

The worst part is the St. Mary’s Police Department heckled him on Facebook.  They posted picture featured below of the “salad” with a caption saying:

“Look, If we have said it once, we have said a zillion times! No matter how hard you try to convince us this green leafy stuff is salad and you’re just coming back from the store going to make a chef salad, Well Sous Chef UP! A SALAD THIS IS NOT!!!

Officers encountered Richard Relliford during a traffic stop, a 26 year old St. Marys resident, who had recently obtained this 1 pound bag of marijuana. He went to jail, as this is still illegal in Georgia!!!

Stay Safe Out There—Criminals Are A-FOOT!!”

St. Mary



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