Marijuana And Food Pairings: Gourmet Grower’s Set Themselves Apart From The Crowd

Photo: Associated Press

Photo: Associated Press

The sun is starting to go down.  The warm glow of candles guide your eyes towards large tables filled with flowers and you are surrounded by some of your best friends. As marijuana smoke fills your nose it’s followed by the subtle smell of a 4 course dinner being prepared for you and your friends. This is real life, and if you happen to live in the foothills of Colorado you could be right around the corner from this magical setting.

Headquarters Cannabis Company and Blackbelly restaurant have teamed up to make this fairyland dreamscape a reality. Reported by ABC News, the participants have been involved in helping make this happen due to laws prohibiting restaurants and catering companies from serving marijuana infused edibles. The attendees were requested to purchase small bags filled with their marijuana products from a local dispensary, and the bags contained marijuana infused chocolates with small shredders to sprinkle the chocolate on their ice cream dessert.

We can only imagine how incredible it was to attend this event. Hopefully this will be a common occurrence in medicinal/legal states because marijuana pairing has been taking a back seat for quite some time now. We are excited that gourmet experiences are starting to become a request from marijuana patients, it shows that our industry can grow and evolve with us and our style.

So next time your friends head over for a cookout keep in mind how you could pair some of your favorite smoke with your favorite smelt. We need to help change the current stereotypes of who marijuana users are because it starts with us. Instead of grabbing Doritos and Cheetos maybe reach for some fruits and cheese to pair with that bag of greens you just picked up. Worst case scenario, you have to make a late night run to your favorite fast food spot, but don’t pretend like that wasn’t already on your schedule.

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