Marijuana Laws Loosening Up In The Bible Belt

The home of country music, Nashville, Tennessee recently voted and approved that civil penalties for possession of marijuana will be much lesser than surrounding states. The Tennessean reports that the punishment for being caught with a half-ounce or less of marijuana will now be reduced to a $50 fine or 10 hours of community service.

The Metropolitan Council, the legislative body for the city-county government, on Tuesday September 20th voted 35-3 in favor of final approval of legislation that gives Nashville police the option of reducing the penalty for anyone found with a half-ounce or less. This a huge step for the bible belt state to make towards softening its laws towards marijuana.

This is huge because in October 1980, the city’s police chief, Joe Casey, said in a front-page article that marijuana caused people to rob and kill, The New York Times recently reported. Mr. Casey went on to say that anyone caught growing or selling marijuana three times or selling to minors should be executed. We can’t help but think that a lot of his statement was driven by the popular opinion of the drug at that time.

These are exciting times because we are being able to witness the previous generations uneducated opinions of marijuana fade into the past. We can only hope that similar legislation’s will pass in the surrounding states soon, seeing as how our headquarters are based in Charlotte, NC. When people learn to let go of their own fears it frees up space in the mind to question and learn more about those subjects that they once feared. For now we will relish in the moment of glory for our neighbors to the west and wish them the best as they make great strides in the right direction.

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